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I went into an unknown, pleasing world, a world of images that started in my
adolescence; such as the crime thrillers of Edgar Wallace, Blow Up and James
Bond. The first time I felt the energy of this town was in 2003, I made a stopover
on my way to Bristol. This experience strengthened my wish to push myself
artistically as well as humanly; this city was the right place for it. In 2004 a
grant from the erasmus program enabled me to study in this city for a year.
Every second of the train journey, from the airport into the city, I experienced
a flood of simulation that washed away the routine of the past years. I found a
dreary but affordable room, my first refugue. With the first confrontation with
this massiv town, the kitchen window became my place of calm. Every day I
was soaking up the city's images and distilling them with the changing view,
for the mood of the shots of the city, through the window.
My 31 days in january 2004 in London.